The essence of corporate culture lies in its core values, which are the foundation for CMIT to achieve its continuous development from the very beginning. Even though era changes and even the whole world is in constant development, our commitment to the core values will never change, because we believe in responsibility, integrity, win-win situation and continuous growth.
  • Responsibility
    In fulfilling the task of providing cutting-edge, secure and controllable operating systems to Chinese government, CMIT strives to make contributions to the continuous development of Chinese software industry.
  • Integrity
    To provide secure and reliable products and services, we follow all the applicable laws and regulation, and apply the highest professional ethics standards.
  • Win-Win situation
    CMIT sticks to the long term development policy and seeks to achieve a win-win situation with our partners, so that quality products and services will be provided to Chinese customers, and the benefits of our partners and customers can be guaranteed at the highest level.
  • Continuous growth
    CMIT is confident that while providing localized R&D and services to Chinese customers, its understanding about operating systems will become deeper and better, enabling it to make contributions to the healthy and continuous growth of Chinese software market. We'll enhance our operation and expedite our development via expansion and innovation, focusing on the high level of security and controllability of the CMIT operating systems, as well as the high performance application environment, so that the whole industry will make progresses together.