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Products & Services
CMGE is based on world-leading operating system technology to meet the needs of government and enterprise users in China.
Industry Insight
The latest industry information updates in operating system, PC, CPU, AI and security-related fields!
[2023.09.26]  AMD CEO 苏姿丰:预计今年下半年 PC 市场将随着 AI 需求的增长而复苏
[2023.09.26]联想 ThinkPhone 变身云电脑,微软解锁安卓版 Windows 365 应用更多信息
Marketing Event
Participate in and host various market activities, get close contact with customers, and grow together with partners!
[2023.09.27] 神州网信@美国在华跨国企业高层圆桌会
[2023.06.16] 神州网信@上海国际技术进出口交易会密码展