Taking its root in Chinese market, CMIT is dedicated to providing quality service to the customers, unleashing IT potentials, and contributing to the development of Chinese software industry. The company endeavors to realize the localization of operating system products and technical support via the localization of market and talents; and by sticking to its service motto of integrity and innovation, it is determined to help customers in China to enjoy the best practice services under a secure and efficient operating system environment, so that the growth of Chinese software industry can be guaranteed with a never-ending driving force.

♦   Basic technical support service Highly efficient basic technical support service will be provided to customers via telephone and emails, on an event-to-event basis. The scope of the service includes for the most part problem diagnosis and troubleshooting during the installation, usage, and configuration of the products purchased by customers. ♦   Advanced technical support service Advanced technical support service is a time-based and customizable expert support service specially designed to address customers' business needs. It can make use of the customers' IT investment to the maximum extent, and services will be provided with the assistance of specialized supporting teams consisting of CMIT experts. Advanced technical support service provides a customizable solution, which will be perfected via enhanced and extra services. It can help customers to solve problems in a proactive way, minimize the machine down time, simplify operation, increase efficiency, and expedite business growth. ♦   Online service Online service is an internet based service provided for CMIT products. Available online services right now include online assistance, online updating and patching, and online activation. For more information please visit CMIT Support Services website,click here