Executive Team

  • Zhou Mu CEO of C & M Information Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Zhou Mu, General Manager of C & M Information Technologies Co., Ltd. (CMIT). With a strong focus on R & D and service capacity, CMIT is dedicated to providing Chinese government organs and state-owned enterprises in key information infrastructure field with secure and localized desktop operating system products and services of Windows 10 Chinese government edition. CMIT is a joint venture established by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and Microsoft and controlled by the Chinese investor. Since March 2019, Zhou Mu serves as CMIT’s CEO to take charge of the Company’s development strategy, technological innovation and development, product strategy and R & D, local capacity building and talents cultivation. Prior to joining CMIT, Mr. Zhou served as the CTO and Chief Scientist of Inspur-Cisco Networking Technology Co.. Before working for Inspur-Cisco Networking Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou served as the Vice President of Product Market Management and Solution Department Greater China of Cisco. During his 25-year career at Cisco, Mr. Zhou spent half of his time in Cisco head office where he was in charge of the management of Cisco’s CRS operator-level router system production line and participated in the whole process from early conceptualization, development to market launch of Cisco’s CRS operator-level router products. He has made significant contributions to the application of CRS operator-level backbone router in network of major operators worldwide and was granted Cisco Pioneer Award in 2004. Mr. Zhou also worked at Oracle and boasts extensive technical management experience in IT sector. Mr. Zhou graduated from Rutgers University with a master degree in electronic engineering. He received his bachelor degree of science in physics from East China Normal University.
  • Zhao Xiaoliang
    CMIT Deputy General Manager
    Mr. Zhao Xiaoliang is responsible for the daily operation of sales, government affairs, public relation and marketing of CMIT. Mr. Zhao was one of the major executives during the initial establishment of CMIT. As the preparation group leader of CETC, Mr. Zhao was actively involved in the foundation of CMIT since early 2016, making great contributions to the establishment of CMIT in terms of policy coordination, cooperation with the government, establishment of company development strategy, sales and marketing, talent recruitment, and team building. Mr. Zhao is quite good at operating system and its whole industry development, and is the leading person and expert in this field. He was involved in China's national key project "core electronic devices, high-end general chips, and infrastructure software products." Before joining CMIT, Mr. Zhao was general manager of CETC Puhua Infrastructure Software Corp. Ltd, DGM of CETC Software & Information Service Corp. Ltd, general manager of Software Business Unit Great China, Sun Microsystems, executive president of Red Flag Software Co. Ltd, manager of market and communication HP China, manager of marketing and senior sales manager of Oracle China. Mr. Zhao has a bachelor's degree of information engineering of Xi'an Electronics Science & Technology University, and EMBA of China Europe International Business School.